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Change Graphics Easily with TRAXX

Traxx frame system

Companies who communicate their name that have a truck fleet; traditionally extend their name or brand message onto their fleet. This is because over the life time of the vehicle it will be seen repeatedly by millions.

The Traxx system enables organizations to keep their vehicle branding message fresh and up to date so their brand message never fades or looks tired.


Traxx™ technology is unrivaled for efficiency and ease of use. The key benchmark attributes such as adjustability, tension, weight, dimension, corners and environment, are all best-in-class. Traxx™ technology allows campaigns to be changed in as little as 15 minutes on a city truck compared to 8 hours when using traditional adhesive posting methods - rain or shine, we can maintain this speed day or night!

  • Your message inevitably dates - with Traxx you no longer have to carry the same message over the life time of the vehicle because it's easy and inexpensive to change.

  • You can co-ordinate your truck fleet in line with your latest marketing activity.

  • You can use your fleet to build awareness of your online initiatives as they happen for example new websites or social networking activity,

  • There is no advertising/media cost; it's your fleet.

Traxx System VS Self Adhesive Vinyl

Presentation of the graphics-changing procedure on a vehicle, using the Traxx Frame System

Primary condition of the vehicle - damage on the truck, poor graphics' condition, need of refinishing

The application of the new graphics using the Traxx Frame System covers any damage of the truck



Final draft of the vehicle. Completion of the changing procedure in 30 minutes!!!

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

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